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  • Hi! I’m Lyra from the Philippines. I’ve tried your recipe twice now and it is absolutely AMAZING!! I want to ask if this cake is possible to top it with fondant? Thanks for sharing this recipe to millions online! God bless! Lyra T., 7/8/12

    Answer: Just to prove that I'm not a professional baker, I had to Google fondant to find out what it is! The definition is that it's a smooth paste made from sugar. I think it would just soak into this cake because the cake doesn't form a crust. You can try it but I think I'd stick with the icing.
  • Wanted to say a big thank you for posting such a great cake recipe. I've made it about 3 or 4 times now, and each time, it's come out perfectly.  It really is the best and easiest moist chocolate cake recipe I've come across.
    Kind regards, Kirthana M., 7/13/12
  • I love all things chocolate and this is by far the BEST basic chocolate cake recipe I've ever had. Can you share how a person can convert (time/temperature) this recipe for two metal cake round pans to make a double layer cake? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! Kristen U. 7/16/12

    Answer: Several people have asked this question and I should have a better answer. You can use layers. I'm not sure about the baking time. I'll have to experiment and post it to the website.
  • I have made the chocolate cake and it was very good but I live at 5300 ft altitude and it did sink in the middle. How do I counter act that?
    Have a nice day! Shirley K., 7/22/12

    Answer: I'm not sure. You might try adding 1 tsp. of baking powder along with the 2 tsp. of baking soda. I show this as a optional ingredient on the recipe page.
  • My goodness how Moist! This recipe is very similar to my old chocolate one I have used over the years. But this one slightly different, is definitely a keeper!
    I followed the recipe but used gluten free flour and it turned out super moist with a very rich flavor but light on the palate.
    Thank you so much for sharing.  Do you have a moist recipe for a standard yellow cake? Deborah, A Fan! 9/4/12. 
  • I came across this recipe 6 months ago and made cupcakes for a kids birthday party. I received RAVING compliments!! I usually do not try any chocolate cake BUT since everyone spoke highly of it at the party, I decided to try it. OMG!!! SOOOO MOIST AND DELIIIICCIIOOUUSS!! I frosted the cupcakes with homemade vanilla butter cream. This has been my go to chocolate cake recipe!! I am making them tonight but will use the coffee since It's for adults!!! Any recipes for vanilla cake???!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! FKG-Philadelphia 9/5/2012
  • Loved this cake. Very, very moist. If making into cupcakes, what would the baking time be? Thank you! 10/7/12

    Answer: (Cupcakes 22 - 23 min. Be sure to use cupcake liners.)
  • Thank you so much for this recipe! I have been searching for months for a scratch made chocolate cake that was moist without being fudge like in its consistency. This is it for me… The only thing I did different is use butter rather than oil. I just do not like the taste of oil in most baked items and usually substitute butter. I was a little put off by the very liquid consistency of the batter but it baked up like a charm. It is very moist, tender, light, and the taste is heavenly! Eva J., 11/4/12
  • I came across your recipe Christmas Day 2010, while researching moist chocolate cakes. I typically review the ingredients to get an idea of how moist the cake will be. When I added the ingredients and mixed them the aroma was great. I also sampled the batter and boy was it Yummy. I knew this would be a winner. I don't like Vanilla Icing so I made the Hershey's Chocolate icing with it. Everyone I have made this for have asked for it over and over again. You really don't need the icing. Kim H., 12/9//12
  • Ever since I discovered your recipe for “best moist chocolate cake” I’ve made it a dozen times. My husband knows I like trying out new recipes but he has warned me to NOT look for any other chocolate cake recipe. I make it just the way it is with either the chocolate or vanilla icing from your site. Thanks for a great recipe. We love it and have been faithful for over a year. Sonia L., 1/16/13
  • Oh my goodness, the cake was an absolute hit!!!! I made it Saturday night for Sunday dinner dessert and it lasted until Sunday night. I’ve never made a cake that was completely eaten in one day!! My family loved it! Although, I did not use a 9 X 13 pan, I divided my batter into two round cake pans. It was delicious! What I like about this recipe is that all ingredients are mixed at once except for the boiling water of course. This one is a winner in my book. Will definitely be making this real soon. I didn’t use the vanilla frosting, I made a chocolate frosting. Thanks, Shirley H., 1/22/13.
  • I wanted to try a different chocolate cake recipe. I googled and after reading many… I picked yours to try.

    It was very easy and I followed the recipe as instructed. I didn't have buttermilk so I used one cup milk with one tablespoon of vinegar plus I added the baking powder.

    The house smelled so wonderful the whole hour it was baking.

    I decided to use my mom's recipe for the butter cream frosting. NOTHING against yours!!!!!!!!

    I served the cake for dessert tonight and everyone went "Wild"…. The compliments never stopped!!!

    I thank you for sharing such a fantastic cake recipe. It's my number "ONE" cake recipe now.

    I've attached a few pictures.

    Again… Thank You, Don Buckeye, Arizona 2/10/13

    Don's Chocolate Cake 1 Don's Chocolate Cake 2 Don's Chocolate Cake 3