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  • Second time I made this cake awesome! Stepanie B., 3/10/13
  • I am not sure whether I should curse you or thank you...

    I bake a lot of cakes, and though an amateur, I try to follow the best classic cake making techniques. Properly creaming of the fat, eggs, and sugar, applying the dry ingredients in the proper manner, ensuring to not over beat, etc. And the results are very professional.

    Then I came across your recipe which is quite contrary to, but infinitely easier than the classic cake making techniques. 

    The results? Exactly as you describe. The results in a very moist cake, with a great crumb, and a wonderful deep chocolate taste. It rose incredibly well, had a great spring to it, just absolutely perfect. And it is soooooo easy to make that you can whip it up in minutes. In fact, it is so easy and quick to make (baking time notwithstanding) that I am afraid my waist is going to expand. 

    The frosting recipe, though pretty conventional, also worked out and tasted great. I added a bit of almond extract, but otherwise followed it to the "T".

    Anyway, just wanted to report that the recipe works. By the way, it also works if you halve it (1 8" round). 

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Now, what about a yellow / sponge cake recipe? Jack L., 3/31/13

  • Shame on me for listening to an amateur baker!  I made your cake recipe and used 2   8” cake pans as directed.  I have quite a mess!!!  It ran over, burned in my oven, and smoke filled the kitchen.  There is too much batter for only 2 pans.  Now I have to clean my grates and oven.  I only hope it tastes as good as others claim.  Thanks a lot! Kandy M., 4/5/13

    Response: First, I'm very sorry you have such a mess. This is the kind of thing you run into and you never know what to tell people. The bake time for the 2 8" pans has come from other recipe users. In fact the person who is the primary source of the information has successfully made the cake in the 2 8" pans numerous times. It was a family member. I saw it. It worked. I've always used the 9" x 12" dish. But a lot of people report using the 8" pans successfully. By coincidence the previous comment above indicates success with the 8" pan. I'm going to try the 2 8" myself and see if I run into any problems. If I do you can bet I'll post it to the website.

    And for the record I am definitely an amateur baker. I don't even claim to be an amateur baker. This is just a simple cake recipe my family loves. So I decided to share it on the Internet and maybe possibly drum up some traffic for our online store.

    Fortunately I've had very few problems... at least reported in the feedback that I know about. But one is too many. And I sincerely apologize to Kandy and to anyone else who has experienced any problem whatsoever with this recipe.

    My final comment on this particular testimonial is that I don't think the taste of the cake... whatever is left of it... is going to be very good after being in that oven you described.

    Response 2: I made the following changes to the website and YouTube video to hopefully prevent this problem from happening again...
    Round Cake Pan Directions YouTube Video Annotation